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Wiretapping suckers!

Why am I worried about wiretapping if I haven’t done anything wrong? What have I got to hide? I’m relatively guilt-free as people go, pretty much law-abiding compared to the average. But think: what’s being done with all that “data mining?” PR firms buy it, so they can target their ads.

I don’t like being a target for ads. Political consultants use the data to figure out how to word their message to get my vote. Hey! I’d rather be told the truth than told what I want to hear. But mostly, I think that it’s important that we protect the guilty. Because a lot of the guilty are in power and represent us in the Parliament, the Judiciary and even the press. Most of the “guilty” have small sins, or sins that we have gotten along with and are no threat to the nation. But sins enough so that blackmail, and the threat of job loss, can keep those people under control. Isn’t it strange how tame the government have been lately? Or how much the press sounds like hired pitchmen? Maybe that’s how the information is being used

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