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Civilization Collapsed!

As a Blogger I have a front row seat at the decline of Zimbabwean Civilization.

In the privacy of their bedrooms, where parents imagine they are playing something like Pac-Man or using Wikipedia to do their homework, 11 and 12 year old children are morphing into pseudo-sophisticated sex and attention addicts. The criminal cluelessness of parents– think about the images in TV advertisements and the sordid crime shows and raunchy comedies you watch, and imagine their effect on your 9 year old, can’t you?– yeah, I blame parents. But mostly I blame the pornography industry.

Civilization collapse

Even worse is the media, who have sold porn as glamorous, injecting it into the mainstream. “Pornofication” damages everyone. But while the boys who are encouraging their classmates to pose and flirt and sell themselves as porn stars may face unsatisfying relationships and unhealthy sex lives as adults, it’s the girls who are being manipulated into presenting themselves as consumable objects to be exploited, abused, and raped— and putting the documentation on the Internet for eternity. Their future employers, fellow workers and voters, spouses, children and grandchildren will be able to see these images, read or hear their words. If they react with disgust or rejection, that’s a personal tragedy for the women. But if kiddie porn has by then become the norm? That’s not personal. That’s Civilization collapsed.

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