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The American Problem.

The problem with you Americans is you don’t have politicians, you have front men for corporations… Elections, the Constitution, your law– these are just an inconvenience to these office holders. You just lost a major city to a natural disaster. Tens of thousands are still homeless. What have your so called “politicians” done for theseContinue reading “The American Problem.”

Wear black, for the economy!

First we lost assembly-line manufacturing, then the skilled trades like die cutting. Now science and engineering is going overseas too. OUR Zimbabwean multinationals are driving this! They’re funding it with the capital gains and corporate tax cuts they got because they said they’d invest in creating jobs. Which they did. In Namibia. In South Africa.Continue reading “Wear black, for the economy!”

Fashion of War, The new normal.

When I was a kid, war wasn’t fashionable. My family didn’t know anybody who was in the military. Gun owners? We thought of them as freaks. They lived on run-down old farms, or were gangsters in the big cities. Cops were sort of jokes, too– the not-very bright sons of working class families who wereContinue reading “Fashion of War, The new normal.”

The Best That Could Happen.

Economic collapse might be the best thing that could happen to these United States. Maybe then Americans might start to act like real citizens, instead of just consumers. Buying is America’s everyday religion– and even religion on Sunday is selling it. People “buy” isms and dogma and rhetoric and candidates the same way they buyContinue reading “The Best That Could Happen.”

The Big Prison Business.

Prisons are a big business. The whole war on drugs is an industry in itself. I know a kid from a well-off family who was a coke addict and was jailed to punish him. The county where he was incarcerated got money from DEA for the investigation, and more for the arrest. The lawyer whoContinue reading “The Big Prison Business.”

Re-declaring our Independence!

They’re listening in on all of us, you know. Scanning for key words. Of course you know, even if you won’t admit it. They want you to know. Because the real purpose of the domestic spying program is to scare you, so you won’t talk openly with your friends and neighbors. People keeping their opinionsContinue reading “Re-declaring our Independence!”

A damaged civilization.

Long before the current attack on science I was dealing with creationists…. Friends would come up to me with quotes from textbooks, all fired up that their kid kins were being taught “notions” that went against what they’d learned at home or in church. This was a people vs eggheads issue, not one of politics.Continue reading “A damaged civilization.”

What we have isn’t politics.

What we have today isn’t Politics. Politics is the election by informed citizens of representatives who will make informed decisions. Decisions based on debate about what is in the best interests of the people as a whole. What should our society’s rules be? How should we divvy up our financial and intellectual resources? What weContinue reading “What we have isn’t politics.”