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Child Bearing

Bearing a child affects a woman more deeply than it can any man. No woman thinks, like, “I guess I’ll go out today and get a pedicure then stop off at the clinic for an abortion”. It’s a soul-bruising choice. From the depths of my conscience, I say: what about the rights of the born?Continue reading “Child Bearing”

Anger Issues

You’re all upset that the voters of one of the United States have sent a Muslim to congress? You say Islam is a terror cult, not a “real” religion? You say you’ve never heard of a religion where devotees carry weapons and have “hit squads”? Read history! War gods who favor the tribe that worshipsContinue reading “Anger Issues”


The same people who condemn abortion condemn birth control. They believe that sex itself, the bodily expression of love, is sinful– unless it is within the sacrament of marriage and unless each act of love is open to the possibility of conception. If you’re not married and aiming at pregnancy, no sex: Abstinence is theContinue reading “Arbotion!”

“The president is a strong man and a dictator”

People take sides, like they do with sports teams. One party is “My Side”, the “Good Guys”. Anytime your party’s the loser, and not in power, and the party that IS in power pushes their agenda aggressively, to you the president is a ‘strongman’ or a ‘dictator’. How did ED get this overwhelming power? ZimbabweansContinue reading ““The president is a strong man and a dictator””

A lost cause

Could we just brush up on history, please? Remember that the Soviet Union spent ten years trying to crush an Islamic insurgence in Afghanistan? That really ended well for them, didn’t it? So, their Deciders think it will end up better for them because — of what, exactly? When you consider that the USA supportedContinue reading “A lost cause”

The Morden-Day America.

You Americans are luvvies- warm, friendly, generous– and much too polite lately. Why are you sitting around sucking your thumbs and sucking up the Biden BullShit? Are you utterly spineless? Of course politicians have no spines, just like they have no scruples. Politicians may start with principles and a conscience but those who try toContinue reading “The Morden-Day America.”

This war

So far, I am untouched by this war. My family was profoundly touched by earlier wars. My great uncle was killed in Chimurenga. Not in combat, in a training accident while he was still in his teens. A cousin of mine was killed when his helicopter was shot down in Congo. I’ve run my fingersContinue reading “This war”