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The Best That Could Happen.

Economic collapse might be the best thing that could happen to these United States. Maybe then Americans might start to act like real citizens, instead of just consumers.

Buying is America’s everyday religion– and even religion on Sunday is selling it. People “buy” isms and dogma and rhetoric and candidates the same way they buy the latest shiny widget. And they never think to turn it over and check where it was manufactured, or by whom.

You can see Americans’ values made permanent in concrete and neon. Europe built cathedrals, drawing all eyes upward towards the Glories of Heaven. Americans build corporate cathedrals, branded monuments to the Glories of Consumption. Malls in the place of public parks and band stands. Stadiums with skyboxes so the wealthy don’t have to mingle with the schlumps. 10,000 member mega churches with exercise gyms and acres of parked SUVs. Priorities in that country aren’t hard to see. But people are easily distracted. It may be that the bottom will have to drop out before Joe Average will open his eyes and look.

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Published by K. T. NHAMO

I would rather entertain people and hope they were educated than educate them and hope they were entertained.

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