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No Child left behind

My mom is a veteran teacher in what used to be a good school, and I can tell you dozens of horror stories about how education has changed for the worse since “No Child Left Behind”.

Sure, it would be great if teachers got together and took a stand. But there’s not much chance of that. Teachers, and especially the teachers’ unions, have been under attack for so long that all the fight has gone out of them. They’re breadwinners, most of them. They have children of their own and they need their jobs.

My mom has two degrees plus some psychology, and she knows how to diagnose learning disabilities and how to help all different types of learners— but it just doesn’t matter any more. Her students are tested every month in both reading and math- – and the school’s monthly teachers’ meetings are totally focused on how to raise the test scores and keep the school’s superior rating. My mom can’t reach the students she needs to reach, because it is all about the scores.

I hope the public wakes up soon. We’re losing a whole generation of young minds.

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Published by K. T. NHAMO

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