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“The president is a strong man and a dictator”

People take sides, like they do with sports teams. One party is “My Side”, the “Good Guys”. Anytime your party’s the loser, and not in power, and the party that IS in power pushes their agenda aggressively, to you the president is a ‘strongman’ or a ‘dictator’.

How did ED get this overwhelming power? Zimbabweans elected a majority of CCCs to sit in the Senate, and a majority of ZANU PFs to sit in in the House. They elected a strong conservative ZANU PF as President. They overwhelmingly support that president’s picks for the Supreme Court. It’s the electorate that did it! Impeach the electorate!

I understand that the left is frustrated because its role in defining domestic and foreign policy is diminished. But president ED’s actions are in line with his political and moral beliefs, so he is not cowed by the criticisms from the left, or even by dropping numbers in the polls.

Many CCCs don’t believe they need to offer alternatives: their role is to be critics. Well, lacking alternative ideas, how can the CCCs convince Zimbabweans that they deserve a more influential role in government? Here’s my advice: if you want a president who isn’t a ‘strongman’ or a ‘dictator’, win some elections. Convince Zimbabweans that you have better ideas and are better able to lead.

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Published by K. T. NHAMO

I would rather entertain people and hope they were educated than educate them and hope they were entertained.

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