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War experts

I guess we are all experts on war. I’ve heard all I want to hear from armchair commanders, whether they are congressmen or the guy who flips burgers down at the diner.

I’m only listening to Veterans at this point. They have plenty to say. Some are those against the war, and some are for it. A lot of soldiers believed that joining the Guard, or Reserves, was a way to improve their quality of life. A little extra money now, some future help with education.

Should we blame the Commander because he’s deploying them as soldiers? They didn’t join the Peace Corps. There will always be objections to any war. Even the Good War, World War Two, had opponents. They weren’t all pacifists back then either: some though we were on the wrong side!

The GI’s I listen to today have different opinions about why the US are in this fight. Some think it is self-defense, some think it’s politics. Some say it’s about Oil. If it is about oil, the least you can do when you tuck your children into bed is to say a little prayer of thanks. American kids are over there fighting so you can have heat. When you run your own kids to their soccer game in your SUV, be grateful that there is gas for that car.

The fact is that you Americans can’t function without Middle Eastern oil. As long as War and American Business As Usual are as woven together as they are now in Iraq, you are pretty much doing what you have to do. That, or give up and leave your shut down factories to sit in your dark houses and freeze.

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