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Fvck Global Warming~ I live in Marondera.

I live in Marondera, and I have to say to those people who don’t believe we have global warming– Come up here.

People who live up here will tell you that the summers used to be wonderful. Nothing above 30 degrees, and always a cool breeze. Nights that are perfect for sleeping.

Environment Conservation – Green Globe Glass On Moss

A few summers ago we started getting weather that was warmer than usual, days with temperatures in the high 40’s. This year? Since the middle of June we’ve had 36 degree weather four days out of five, and today it’s in the 50’s. Next week it is supposed to go over 60!

All the hardware stores are out of air conditioners. Tv Sales and Home got three shipments sold out and they say they aren’t getting any more. We’ve never had an air conditioner– we never needed one. I don’t like air conditioners: nasty noisy things. But it looks like now we either get one, or move to Gweru.

By the same author;

House Number 230
Elmswood Park
Along 1st Road
Marondera, Mashonaland East 00000

Published by K. T. NHAMO

I would rather entertain people and hope they were educated than educate them and hope they were entertained.

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