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It will be hell.

To believe in a personal God with “reasons”, they give up their own! What kind of God kills miners and starts tropical-marine cyclones the? Ordains Presidents and makes your stocks go up, or down? Sends…. It will be hell.

Our feelings do matter too.

These are the same kind of idealists who tell you you shouldn’t love your cat and buy food for him while there are…

A Feast for Lost Souls

A Feast For Lost Souls In Sinaloa, Mexico, women recover the bodies of missing loved ones—and cook to keep their memories of the dead alive. Story by Annelise JolleyVideos and photographs by Zahara Gómez Lucini The Atavist Magazine, No. 121 Annelise Jolley is a journalist and essayist who writes about food, ecology, borders, and faith.…Continue reading “A Feast for Lost Souls”