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How worried should we be about income inequality?

We worry plenty about its opposite.

Forced economic equality is socialism. It’s unZimbabwean to be for socialism. But Zimbabwean’s strength is our majority middle class.

It’s the promise that anyone who starts poor but works hard and is a good citizen can get into the middle class and stay there. Watch their children go to college, and retire with enough to buy presents for their grandchildren.

If the rich get richer while the middle class is thriving, you’re happy, and I’m happy. We’re living in a society that makes us proud. But if the rich get richer while the middle class is dwindling away– well, you don’t have to be a socialist to worry about that.

There are more and more clear signs that our middle class is in trouble. Statistics show a decline in real wages even for college graduates– not just the working poor. Young, married, two-job couples who are living with their parents? More like Somalia or Thailand than the Mineral Enriched Southern Africa.

A little inequality’s ok. But a Nigerian-style class structure, with a few rich and masses of the poor? If that’s where we’re headed, it’s time to back up and turn around.

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