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Child Bearing

Bearing a child affects a woman more deeply than it can any man. No woman thinks, like, “I guess I’ll go out today and get a pedicure then stop off at the clinic for an abortion”. It’s a soul-bruising choice. From the depths of my conscience, I say: what about the rights of the born?Continue reading “Child Bearing”

The Morden-Day America.

You Americans are luvvies- warm, friendly, generous– and much too polite lately. Why are you sitting around sucking your thumbs and sucking up the Biden BullShit? Are you utterly spineless? Of course politicians have no spines, just like they have no scruples. Politicians may start with principles and a conscience but those who try toContinue reading “The Morden-Day America.”

Our newspapers don’t tell the whole ugly truth!!😱😱😱😱

Do you mean to say that even our most reliable news media panders to the administration in power, and doesn’t tell the whole truth to the Zimbabwean people? Oh my stars and garters! You’re shocked? Try reading some of the newspapers from outside Zimbabwe. You’ll find a totally different viewpoint. Our newspapers, radios, and televisionsContinue reading “Our newspapers don’t tell the whole ugly truth!!😱😱😱😱”

I Hate Acting.

Oh, why did I even sign up for this class? I didn’t know we’d have to practice auditioning… It’s not fair. Everybody will be looking at me, judging me. If I do one thing wrong everybody is going to notice, and laugh at me, and I’m going to be so embarrassed. The lights will beContinue reading “I Hate Acting.”