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Storm And Stress: The Turbulence Of Adolescence

Edited by : Kumbirai Thierry NhamoBy: Margaret WackUpdated August 28, 2020Medically Reviewed By: Sonya BrunerWhat is Storm and Stress Theory?Source: The Storm and stress theory was first developed by psychologist G. Stanley Hall in the beginning of the twentieth century. According to Hall, most adolescents go through a period of “storm and stress” asContinue reading “Storm And Stress: The Turbulence Of Adolescence”

The ‘storm and stress’ of adolescence and young adulthood

By Kumbirai Thierry Nhamo,,, adapted from Laurie Meyers October 25, 2018 For much of human history, the idea of adolescence being a distinct life stage was nonexistent. True, in the Middle Ages, children were recognized not merely as “mini” adults but as distinct beings with different needs. However, the years from ages 13 to 19Continue reading “The ‘storm and stress’ of adolescence and young adulthood”

Promote Your Blog!

Dear Friends—can you believe it’s already December?? This week, I again open up for another networking event. I originally started this on PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry as a dedicated time for bloggers to come together to share their work, make new connections, and expand their blog audiences. In short: a chance to promote yourselfContinue reading “Promote Your Blog!”

Politically Incorrect Humor Belongs in Kid’s Shows

POLITICALLY INCORRECT HUMOR BELONGS IN KID’S SHOWS Humor, like all art, is a balancing act. The amateur comedian who tries too hard to be politically incorrect and funny ends up being neither. They usually open their set with, “Hi, I’m the most offensive comedian, I’m warning you!” Dumb idea. Why would you let your audienceContinue reading “Politically Incorrect Humor Belongs in Kid’s Shows”

A politically incorrect view at being inner directed

Some of my findings are so politically incorrect that I hold them back for a long time until I have further proof, or gather enough courage to take the beating that may come. Yesterday, with the Days of Power, I filled up my vessel with The Light… and with that my courage is overflowing. IContinue reading “A politically incorrect view at being inner directed”

A Plague on all your houses

Yet I have a trick Of the old rage. Bear with me, I am sick; I’ll leave it by degrees. Soft, let us see: Write ‘Lord have mercy on us’ on those three. They are infected; in their hearts it lies; They have the plague, and caught it of your eyes. These lords are visited;Continue reading “A Plague on all your houses”