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Men make the laws!

I know a woman who had an abortion when she was a frightened 18 year old. Her lover, her friend, the young man she’d known since they were kids– he ran out on her. The emotional scars she carries from that have hurt her sexuality and the rest of her self-esteem. It may take decades for her to learn to trust again. But, ask her: was the abortion a mistake? She’ll say the relationship was the mistake. The abortion was a necessity.

My point is that men make the laws, enforce the laws, and run all the religious institutions. And these men haven’t a clue about what a woman’s relationship is to her body, or to her own potential, or to the people who are already in her life. How do they presume to decide? If her fetus is premature, or autistic, or needs multiple surgeries, or if the stress of carrying an unwanted child causes the woman to have a mental breakdown, will these pro-lifers supply the financial support and loving care the mother and child need?

I have Christian friends who seem compassionate, but oppose government spending because they want low taxes– in order to buy the best for themselves and their own children. Check the Epistle of James on the difference between faith and works. Unless you are perfect in charity, don’t cast stones.

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