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Why would we end homelessness?

End homelessness? Why? Why would you want to do that? I mean, none of us wants the mentally ill to be wandering around the streets without medicine or shelter. We want to cure disease. We want to feed the hungry, clean up crime in the parks. End littering! But homelessness?

Drug abuse, homelessness

What ever happened to freedom? Why should a person have to live in a house, or buy a condo? Rent a room, or bunk in a charity shelter that’s like a prison? If someone wants to live on a park bench and can do that without hurting anybody, I say more power to them!

More power

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! You know, we could afford to give all sorts of help to the deserving, if we didn’t mind giving help to the “undeserving”, too.

A shocking percentage of our social services budget goes to figuring out ways to deny aid to the bums– a process that dehumanizes both the bums and the gatekeepers. You can feed a heck of a lot of bums on the salary of one bureaucrat.

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