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Global Warming Be Damned~ I live in Marondera.

I live in Marondera, and I have to say to those people who don’t believe we have global warming– Come up here. People who live up here will tell you that the summers used to be wonderful. Nothing above 30 degrees, and always a cool breeze. Nights that are perfect for sleeping. A few summersContinue reading “Global Warming Be Damned~ I live in Marondera.”

The Best That Could Happen.

Economic collapse might be the best thing that could happen to these United States. Maybe then Americans might start to act like real citizens, instead of just consumers. Buying is America’s everyday religion– and even religion on Sunday is selling it. People “buy” isms and dogma and rhetoric and candidates the same way they buyContinue reading “The Best That Could Happen.”

The American way, s#cks.

I loved Holidays when I was a kid, but these days I just can’t stand the relentless materialism. The obnoxious ads that equate money spent on consumer goods with “love” make me sick to my stomach. I’m not giving you the Puritan rant about plastic Santas and American kids who gobble sugary junk and haveContinue reading “The American way, s#cks.”

Global Warming is going to submerge the planet

Global warming’s going to submerge the planet? I don’t think so. Not that I don’t believe in Global Warming. I do. Ocean levels are rising, you can see it. But submergence doesn’t happen overnight. A natural cycle, of deserts and melting pole caps, is followed by another cyclic Age of Ice. Maybe we are destroyingContinue reading “Global Warming is going to submerge the planet”