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Action! Speed! The new evolutionary natural selection.

2022 has been a tough year for most of us in general. So many ups and downs experienced during the course if the year but to say the least 2023 is going to be a tougher year. World wide, the world is economy is in recession give the pressure from Russia-Ukraine war and also the on coming of Covid 19 lockdowns plus the fabricated lie of climate change by evil world elitists like Bill Gates.

2023 requires speed, if you’re slow you’re going to die or suffer this year there is no other way things are not getting better but worse by each passing day. The world is speeding in everything and it requires one to cope up with the times if not then one perish or die that’s how the natural selection system is going to eliminate weak slow people from the face of the earth.

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Global warming

Speed is the new survival tool in this world. This world we’re living is now merciless to people who hesitate, people who procrastinate, who say ” *I will* ” instead of saying doing what you’re suppose to do. 2023 is a year of action less words, it requires speed time is ticking there is no time for resting, complaining, excuses and blaming if you’re poor or struggling in life. You’ve to make it happen in real time do it. Do it and fail, try something new at a fast pace you don’t have time to sit and complain about how unfair life is. Life has been unfair to you alone but to everyone. Complaining or blaming how things are not fair will never change your life you’ve to change the way you view the world, you’ve to change the way you relate to the world, you’ve to change your behavior for the good. New year resolutions are just plans on paper, walk the talk now. It’s all about speed, speed, speed, speed, speed do it now. If your goal is to make money, eat healthy, exercise, improve your skills etc don’t wait for anything do it. You’ve no valid reason to stop doing what you’re suppose to do typically as a man.

They say speed thrills but kills yes that is the truth but nothing which has got thrill which doesn’t come with risk. That is the law of nature fast cars are risk because of speed but they give you thrill so it’s all about who you want to be at the end of the day. The best you can do as a man is to make it when you’re young. It’s worthless to be rich when you’re above 50 years you’ll be slow with no energy to enjoy life at that age. Make it below 40 years, build your empire do it now it require speed in a creative way. The future belongs to the ones who can cope up with the speeding world. No life and happiness for the stagnant people anymore. You’ve do it now, speed.

Gone are the days where Charles Darwin would say the survival of the fittest in terms of physical strength. The new world requires speed coupled with mental smartness and creativity. In this modern day I don’t care if you’ve a degree or not but it requires learning new skills be it traditionally or online. The world is ever speeding most jobs and degree programs are coming out of the market. They’re now new ways of making money which are alien to the traditional education system. The real money is online now, companies like Nokia failed to speed with the ever accelerating world. Where the world changes, you must also change accordingly. It’s all about speed you don’t walk where everyone is running, you don’t run where everyone is sprinting. Don’t be left behind, speed with the ever speeding world and survive.

New skills like content creation, social media influencer, podcasting, ghost writing, comedy skits, etc are the new income generation ways which are never taught at school. Be compatible with the world, be flexible do what is currently paying regardless of your profession have ability to move fast where is the money. Learn a new skill only in a matter of weeks, implement it and hit the ground running.

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The traditional world is dead, the online world is the present and the future. Everything is done online now people are making business deals online, people are meeting and dating online, people are selling and buying online, people spend most of the time online. Online is the new world we’re living in whether you like it or not that is reality on the ground.

Apply the speed accordingly, no time to waste the world is not stationery. Where you’re complaining some people are making money. Where you complain of you being fat blaming genes someone is working out burning fat. Where you hesitate to approach a woman because you fear her someone will approach her and get her. It’s all about action no complains, no excuses. The world will never stop because you’re not performing, the time will not stop ticking because you’re lazy you spent time watching useless movies and tik tok videos. Refuse to be a consumer be a producer. Let people consume what you do or have. Be the one who buy less and sell more. It all requires speed.

Action to do what must be done in a fast way is the best way to beat the competition in this world. A lot of people are lazy in this world be different do the work faster than anyone and outshine everyone.

Have a wonderful 2023.

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Published by K. T. NHAMO

I would rather entertain people and hope they were educated than educate them and hope they were entertained.

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