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Mom’s and kids

Wow! You are really trying hard to be a good mom and give your kid the birthday party he wants with his friends. If your ex doesn’t go along with this and do what’s best for his son, that’s really a bummer.

My friend’s parents divorced when he was about seven age. Boy, did that ever screw with his life. I wish I could offer insight and advice, but I still don’t understand how and why they messed with him.

The best thing you can do, though, is not make a big deal. Just invite his friends to a party on the closest day to his birthday you can, and don’t put the blame on his father for spoiling things.

And — Whatever you do, don’t fight with your ex in front of your son! If his Dad is willing to be a jerk about the kid’s birthday just to prove that he still has the power in the relationship, he’s more immature than your seven year old kid! If he hangs up on his son while they’re talking, that’s just evil. I’d feel sorry for his new wife. He’ll pull this crap on her and her kids, too.

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