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The Real Reason Why I Work Out Every Day (And It’s Not For The Abs)

Barring the time I got ravaged by COVID or when I pulled my back, I’ve managed to maintain my daily workout schedule for about a year now. I don’t even remember how long it’s been. I’m just basing it off this post. And I’ve uploaded said workouts in the form of Insta stories to hold […]

The Real Reason Why I Work Out Every Day (And It’s Not For The Abs)
  • It will be hell.
    To believe in a personal God with “reasons”, they give up their own! What kind of God kills miners and starts tropical-marine cyclones the? Ordains Presidents and makes your stocks go up, or down? Sends…. It will be hell.
  • What fools we mortals be.
    Somehow, the ideal of being a good and useful person has been replaced by the ideal of being a winner. Money, now: that’s how we’re supposed to….. What fools we mortals be.
  • F*vk it! Kids don’t belong!!
    Yeah! That’s what I’m saying: kids don’t belong. They’ve got no right to be with adults. When I’m in a bar or restaurant, hanging out with my buds, I don’t want to see any snot…….. F*vk it! Kids don’tContinue reading “F*vk it! Kids don’t belong!!”
  • Letter From Grandma
    One day I received a letter from grandma… It read;
  • America Does Not Have Democracy!!
    The majority of Americans have given up on being citizens. They’ve sunk into the passivity of Spectators and Consumers. What they have is a lot like… America Does Not Have Democracy!!

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I would rather entertain people and hope they were educated than educate them and hope they were entertained.

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