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The Paradox Of Feminism~ Man is suffering!

Feminism is the masculinisation of women. Which goes against their biological nature which is dictated by oestrogen, sold as the liberal and independence of them, in the defence against the privileges they get from the patriarchal set up.

Haunting men as an abuser and other unholy names that are thrown in the name of equality is really startling. Gender based violence has been institionalized by the justice system and other arms of the society to an extent that “G” in GBV literally refers to women. Making women as victims is incredibly toxic and unhealthy mentality that has been unfortunately normalised. The is no checks and balances especially concerning the degree of provocation that men suffers.

Emotional abuse is one kind most men suffers. We seem to dismiss the men who have been mistreated, abused and duped by women as hateful, deeming their grievances as poor lapses in judgement that are their own fault, whilst women’s grievances are taken seriously and deemed an issue with men in general. What a tragedy and double standard. No any feminine men or women want to take responsibility while patriarchal makes masculine men take responsibility and accountability. The writer does not totally ignore the strides and achievements that has been achieved by the recognition of rights of women. However, when the society is reconfiguring itself there is need for balance and checks.

The society is more than happy to condescend men “not to rape” when not even 1% of men are rapists, but you never hear “teach women not to asset strip” when they initiate 70-80% of divorces – a leading cause of male suicide. There is clear bias in whose problems are taken seriously. The is an increase in men’s suicide over years because of infidelity and being neglected by institutions that dictates the functioning of the society.

The writer always questions why men must continue to pay equal taxes with women. When the is more budget that has to do with women more than men. Double standards there are women’s ministries no men’s ministry there is women quota no men’s quota. There is gender imbalance in the modern society which is doing more harm than good.

*wither man is suffering?*

Men has absolutely nothing left with him to enjoy. He is carrying the laden of the society whilst the women is enjoying freely double standards of these gynocentric systems. The corporate world and politicians really know there is no 50-50 men are naturally more efficient that women however to decrease out put and increase workforce would automatically increase tax base. The writer is going to deliberately ignore this to remain faithful to his chosen topic.

*What is the way forward?*

Not all laws are just they are rules set by authorities to enslave and control the mind of men. Justice can only be realized where there is truth without truth and justice we will realize no peace and the society will continue to degenerate. These feminine laws need to be tightly contested with all their imperatives.

Negatively, if one tries to raise these issues you will be labeled by including the gender you are trying to rescue. Positively, men’s rights movements are quickly gaining momentum by pointing out redflags and redpilling fellow men.

Conclusively, when laws are unjust they need counter strategies, which the writer now is designing a legal contract that should by signed by a women before paying lobola and this will be discussed on the next page men’s conference and men must be too economic with his resources and affection by limiting these resources he instills discipline to women. And by designing a legal document that obliges or that consist of terms and conditions for marriage men would automatically win the war against gynocentric systems #SaveAman

From Diaries of the General

General Luverty is a man’s rights activist, public speaker, writer, poetry and a correctional officer based in Murewa. He can be contacted on WhatsApp 0771243682 and he can also be contacted on

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